Lovebird - Mouse And Peaches (bonded Pair) - Small - Adult
Meet Mouse and Peaches! This bonded pair of Lovebirds recently arrived at CAARE. We do not know much about these two, but know that one was hatched in and the other in . Peaches, the Peach-faced Lutino, did have an overgrown beak when she came in, but a quick trim resolved the issue. So, it is possible that her beak may need trimming in the future, but now that they have toys to play with and chew on, it may grow much slower. They may need a little work, but when we held them to trim their wings, they did not show any aggression and did not bite. Note: We do not ship parrots and generally adopt only within a 200-mile radius of Fargo, North Dakota. A pre-adoption home visit by a member of our adoption committee is required for every adoption. Adoptions are not first come, first served; we strive to find the most appropriate home for each parrot.
Breed: Lovebird
Size: Small
Petfinder ID:
Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue, and Education | West Fargo, ND | 701-293-
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